Massive Network

The zBuyer real estate network generates over 35,000 unique buyer & seller leads a month.

Real-Time Delivery

Leads are sent directly to your email, zBuyer mobile app, and your CRM in real-time.

Highly Motivated

Highly motivated buyer & seller leads have higher contact & conversion rates.

Prospecting Lists

Get instant access to prospecting data & use our seasoned leads to discover your next client.

Premium Motivated Buyer & Seller Leads

Loan Inquiry

Fully & partially-prequalified buyers who've already completed their loan apps and are actively looking for a real estate agent to work with.

Probate & Judgment

These sellers are motivated by court order, which means they have to sell and they're on a deadline, and they need a listing agent to help them.


These buyers & sellers are moving into or out of an area and need to find local real estate expertise to help them while they focus on the move.

Contingent Offers

These highly motivated sellers have made an offer on a new home, but the deal won't happen unless they sell their existing property in a hurry.

Life Transition

Buyers & sellers who are upgrading or downgrading for reasons like having a child, retiring to a smaller home or going into assisted care living.

Valuation Leads

These sellers have requested a price valuation on their home and indicated they are ready to move, but need an agent to help them get started.

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High-Quality & Affordable Leads

Higher Quality

According to the NAR®, leads from Zillow, Trulia & convert into sales & listings at 5% - but our motivated leads on average convert at 20%.

Lower Cost

Our pricing is simple: we charge by territory & area coverage, not per lead, giving you complete area coverage without "gotchas" or restrictions.

No Contracts

No long term commitment required. Unlike any other lead service, you can come and go as you please. Never get locked into a bad lead service again!

Lead Replacement

House already listed? Bogus phone number? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Custom Packages

You can now customize your lead packages by choosing the lead count, lead type, and lead location that work best for your business.

Transparent Process

Buyers and sellers elect to be contacted by, or receive information from, a real estate professional.

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About Our Company

“What sets us apart is the quality of our leads, and a level of motivation that you just don’t see on Zillow or – and we don’t have an issue with oversaturation. We’re the company that agents look for because we’re NOT a household name, and because we’re not selling the same leads they’ll find on the big portals, and because our pricing is far more reasonable.”

Aaron Edwards

Owner & Chief Sales Officer

Lucas Edwards

Co-Founder & Chief Information Officer

ZBuyer is a family business founded back in 2003 by Aaron, Lucas, Steven & Jennifer Edwards. We’re located in Springfield, Missouri, but serve a nationwide clientele of agents hungry for high-quality buyer & seller leads. We started out small, but our dedication to quality has led us to become the #1 lead-buying resource for agents focused on quality & performance.

zBuyer continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In these economically challenging times, zBuyer provides a much needed affordable solution for real estate agents, real estate investors, home buyers and home sellers. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies to attract home sellers across the nation and provide a service that simplifies the home selling process.